Blue Guard Innovations Names Stright-MacKay Ltd. Distributor In The Canadian Maritimes

SEPT 11, 2018

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Boulder, Colorado (USA) — Blue Guard Innovations (BGI) announced today that the company has appointed Stright-MacKay Ltd. as their distributor in the Canadian Maritimes.

BGI has developed an innovative, patented range of solid-state smart switches and sensors that are able to detect water as well as oil and fuel spills in the bilge and engine compartments, preventing them from accidentally discharging overboard. These products will be formally introduced to the industry at IBEX 2018 in Tampa, October 2-4.

Boat builders and dealers in the Canadian Maritimes interested in BGI products should call Stright-Mackay, +1 902.928.1900.

“The Stright-MacKay mission is to provide their customers with the best and most innovative marine products from around the world and I’m very pleased to be working with the company.”

Alan Brown

Director of Global Sales, Blue Guard Innovations

“We are pleased to be able to satisfy our customer’s requests for an innovative and dependable bilge switch with our new relationship with Blue Guard Innovations. Our initial product presentations have been very well received.”

Lee Toole

Sales Manager, Stright-Mackay Ltd.

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